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We connect you to professional freelancers across the in India territory.People are making money and getting their dream projects executed through Oddlancer. 

 - Abhishek Verma, Founder

The Story Behind the Brand. 

I was searching for a person who can make money and can do work for me at the cheapest rate but could not find any trustworthy and verified so I invented the idea that I should have a platform for skilled professionals with verification who can provide work to. Oddlancer was founded in August 2017 by Abhishek Verma Based in India, the mission behind Oddlancer is to give people a whole new perspective for building their financial freedom. Its goal is to be a platform that introduces freelancers to all kinds of skills to the outsourcers who need them.

Unlike many other sites that offer the same thing, Oddlancer aims at making projects three essential things—simple, fast, and fun. It takes

not much more than a minute to start buying and selling projects, and It is a whole new freelancing experience!

Why Choose Oddlancer?

  • - Oddlancer renders totally credibility to our Freelancers and recruiters, through a transparent ranking system
  • - We focus on quality, satisfaction, professionalism, and trust
  • - Trust & Quality Assurance
  • - No Hidden Charge
  • - Top Corporates enrolled in our Marketplace
  • - Create your very Own personalized service catalog with a rich profile