Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to most questions on your mind when using oddlancer

What should I do if I have registered on the Site, but I have not received an email with a link to activate my account?

Contact the Site Administrator, please specify your login and e-mail address in the email.

I am a registered User. But when I try to log in to the Site, I get a message about an incorrect login or password. What should I do?

Perhaps you made a mistake when entering your login or password. Check to see if you have CapsLock enabled. If you have forgotten your login or password, use the password recovery procedure.

Will my account on the Site be deleted if I have not used it for a long

The portfolio may be deleted if the account is not used for a long time.

I have logged in to the Site, but when I go to any other page of the Site, I again become unauthorized (the system asks again for a login and password).

This can happen for several reasons. Your computer's IP address may change dynamically as you navigate from page to page. Perhaps the browser does not re-request the page from the server but shows the saved copy. Try refreshing the page: Ctrl + F5, Ctrl + R, Shift + Reload, etc. - depending on the browser. Your browser may be blocking cookies from our Site.

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